I was born in 1969 on the outskirts of Copenhagen Denmark. My mother is Danish and my father is Moroccan. At the tender age of 5 I discovered a passion for music which was sparked when one day I picked up my Aunt's guitar and played a few random notes. My Aunt who didn't want her guitar anyways (at least, that's what she said) was kind enough to lend me her guitar on a permanent basis. I brought the guitar back home with me and started teaching myself how to play.

In the ensuing years I attended some guitar lessons and learned the basics. Then I decided that I wanted to be a DJ. My friend, Sugi, and I started to collect 12 inch singles and pretty soon we were making mix tapes for everyone. I loved everything that was dance and rap inspired at that time, and favorites that have stuck with me include tracks like "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa, but also poppier tracks like everything from Michael Jackson's Thriller to records produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards.

My DJing led me to jobs spinning at nightclubs in Copenhagen. In fact, I DJ'ed at many clubs I wasn't allowed to visit as a guest because I was too young. I was never a glib fast-talking entertainer-DJ. I was a mix-DJ with a passion for finding the perfect blends and crossfades between the newest white labels that I could find. I also did some radio DJing at pioneering pop radio station The Voice. Today the Voice is a large syndicated independent station with branches and a dominant market share in every market in Northern Europe. My radio show was the first all-hip hop mix show in Scandinavia and it had many listeners.

In the late Eighties I started to get curious about making my own tracks. I bought a simple Yamaha keyboard with built in drum machine and sequencer and landed my first paid gig in 1989. It was a remix job for a Danish band called Danseorkestret. Building on the success of my first gig I did a couple of more remixes and then formed a band with a house-DJ named TNT. We formed a dance-music group called Wizdom and Motion. We had a couple of Danish Top Ten hits and the group featured a rapper named Al Agami who would go on to be a solo rap star in Denmark. The group ceased operations in early 1991.

After having folded the group I concentrated my efforts on making new and improved tracks, and I started a carreer as a studio engineer at a studio in Copenhagen named Focus Recording. Studio owner and manager, Hans Nielsen, showed me the ropes around an SSL mixing desk and I learned to Mic instruments and vocalists. I recorded and mixed many jazz and classical albums while honing my skills as a producer making tracks and watching how others got something useful onto tape as I was running the tape deck and mixing desk.

In 1993 I teamed up with Cutfather to form the production team Cutfather & Joe. We put some tracks together and went on trips to the US and UK in search of gigs. After having completed some minor projects we were assigned the task of remixing a song called "Return Of The Mack" which was performed by Mark Morrisson. The track became a worldwide smash hit and signaled the beginning of a glorious run of hit singles that today include 7 number one singles and more than 30 Top Tens on the Official UK chart. Click here for a full track listing.

In 2006 - after having worked with Cutfather for 13 years - I decided to call it a day, and look for new ways to find inspiration.

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