protools The studio is situated in Copenhagen in a very nice neighborhood just a few minutes walk from the City Centre, and very close to the river. Just a stonethrow away is the Radisson Scandinavia Hotel which provides business class accomodations for artists, and managers. The studio complex is located in a beautiful old storage building from the beginning of the 20th Century and is a vibrant and lively place with many, many studio rooms going at the same time, and a wonderful, kind atmosphere. Several internationally acclaimed songwriters and producers take residence in the building.

hangout Joe Belmaati's Studio boasts a lush, spacious control room with natural daylight and a great tight sound. The equipment list is long and everything is kept in perfect working condition. A trained engineer, Joe used to calibrate and tune analogue tape machines, but is perhaps better known for his speed and efficiency at recording vocals when time is of the essence. Some key components of the studio include a Pro Tools rig on steroids, lots of Neve outboard equalisers, Tubetch and Urei compressors and SSL dynamics. The room is equally suited for writing, track-laying and mixing, and just hanging out there ain't bad either.

lunchFood and catering comes courtesy of the many neighborhood gourmet café's. Since the area is emerging as the cool part of town a lot of high quality food is but a phone call and 1 minute walk away. All the usual fastfood outlets are also available should a Big Mac or Domino's pizza be preferred. There is a large dining area with a TV and sitting cornor associated with the studio, and artists frequently meet there and talk about the records they are in the process of making.

desk Artists, managers, and publishers alike are greeted with kindness and a professional attitude, and all projects are taken very seriously as Joe Belmaati's track record bears witness to.




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